Security at Christmas

November 23, 2015

In the light of recent, horrific, terrorist events and the busy Christmas period upon us there has never been a more crucial time to increase security at all public sites.

Did you know it was the actions of a trained security staff member that foiled the bombing of the Stade de France potentially saving hundreds of lives?  The bomber was routinely patted down and barred entry by a quick thinking security guard.

Fallow security guards are trained to make routine checks. Not only do they all have SIA licences but they have attended police training courses such as Project Griffin making them specifically aware of Police counter terrorism measures and ways to detect terrorist activity and crime.

Security guards are a reassuring presence for both customers and staff. With research showing that criminals will often move on to premises that are seen as unprotected.

At Fallow we can provide Security Staff on Short Term Contracts. Perhaps you need the extra security at this time of year or perhaps you want to try a security guard for the first time?  Whatever your security needs give Fallow a call on 01634 378574. We offer competitive rates and expert advice.

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