The Challenge

In 2009 we were approached by a very well established company in the South East who were looking at options to out-source their 24-hour security operation.

The security team were directly employed and many of the guards had been with the company for over 20 years. It was important to the company to find an accredited, professional security provider who would have experience in the TUPE process and would be sympathetic to the transferring staff.

Our Solution

During the tender process, we invited the company to take some of their security staff to an existing site so they could meet with our security guards. This gave the transferring guards the opportunity to discuss the situation with people who had been through the process and to receive reassurance about Fallow Management’s ethos of caring for all our staff and going the extra mile to help when we can.

Satisfied with our accreditations and impressed by our commitment to our teams, we were successfully awarded the contract which commenced in 2010.

We successfully transferred all the in-house security team and supported them through licenced training, introduced new members to the team and refined some of the processes in place.

Throughout this time we have managed to ensure all guards have remained positive about their working environment.

Significant Cost Savings

By taking time to thoroughly review existing roles and skills required and amending working patterns for efficiency we have ensured a consistent 24-hour service, which has led to a direct cost saving to the customer of nearly £200,000 since the contract commenced. We will be able to further reduce the annual costs by £15,000 by the end of 2016.

Our continued commitment to the contract and ongoing relationship with the customer has resulted in Fallow Management being awarded contracts for other services throughout the site, from provision of labour to specialist cleaning and security projects.

What Staff Say

“Despite my initial trepidation, the transition in 2010 to Fallow Management proved to be an easy process with no disruption to myself personally. I find Fallow Management to be considerate to the needs of their workforce and any opinions / ideas offered are considered and discussed.”

Quote from transferred member of the security team, with over 20 years’ service