Dial – a – Cold?

November 5, 2015

How clean is your work space?

With more than 10 million bacteria lurking on the average desk, unhygienic working conditions are a ‘key contributor’ to hundreds of working days lost due to sickness*.

Studies show that telephone handsets have over 400 times more germs on them than a toilet seat and 60% of ‘time off work’ illnesses are contracted from dirty surfaces*. Employees are increasingly contaminating these work spaces by sharing equipment, eating lunch at their desks and poor personal hygiene. They are passing on colds, coughs, norovirus and food poisoning.

At Fallow we sanitise all high traffic areas, such as light switches, door handles, bannisters, telephones and keyboards, as part of our regular cleaning routine. By using these cleaning and hygiene measures it could significantly help fewer sick days, saving company time and money on lost productivity.

The time to act is now, with the cold and flu season typically lasting anywhere from September to March. Employees spend more time inside due to the weather, meaning a greater chance of germ build-up and illness.

A clean work space promotes a happy, healthy workplace’

*Figures quoted are courtesy of the Mail Online and the studies of Dr Charles Gerba

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