The Challenge

In July 2011, Fallow Management approached The Original Tour regarding the operation of the cleaning of the buses in Ferry Lane, Essex. At the time they employed an agency to supply cleaning operatives, and used to keep a bus driver in the yard to shunt all the buses around the yard when the cleaning operatives cleaned them.

Our Solution

Fallow Management suggested that permanent staff work on the site to create a more consistent workforce. We also suggested that some of our cleaning operatives were trained as ‘shunters’ to alleviate the pressure from the drivers and to enable them to drive the Original Tour Buses. We started our successful partnership with The Original Tour in Ferry Lane in August 2011 and the operation is a success story.

Expansion of Provision

In July 2011 Fallow Management were also asked to tender for the cleaning of The Original Tour Visitor Centre in Trafalgar Square and offices in Grosvenor Gardens, including the offices where all the staff leave their belongings. We started working in both buildings in August 2012. Following the successful operation in both buildings, we were asked to tender for the cleaning of The Original Tour Head Office in Wandsworth. We commenced the contract in January 2013.

In April 2014, Fallow Management were asked to tender for the deep cleaning of the buses in Wandsworth. Once again we were successful and employed a new team of cleaning operatives, commencing the contract in May 2014.

In November 2014 we put in a tender for the cleaning of the buses in Wandsworth Garage. Upon our success, we commenced the cleaning in December 2014 and TUPE’d the staff over to Fallow Management. Team has settled in well with us and become part of our family.

As you can see we have built up a strong relationship with The Original Tour and continue to have a great business partnership with them. We are very proud to be working alongside such a prestigious and well known tour company.