schools cleaning


School cleaning is important to ensure health and safety standards are adhered to, to look after the welfare of pupils and teachers. It’s also a priority for schools to ensure their safety by ensuring they appoint a trustworthy company for their cleaning.

At Fallow Management, we take this very seriously. We understand the need to have trustworthy people working in settings such as schools, where there are vulnerable children. We also know the care and attention required to keep schools, colleges and universities looking their best.

School settings have a high volume of people through the premises, frequently using its facilities. The setting can quickly become unclean and untidy. In order to manage this and maintain the school’s professional image, regular cleaning is essential.

Our school cleaning services come highly recommended by our clients. At Fallow Management, all our staff are BS7858 vetted and are advanced DBS checked. Our employees all undergo intensive training and are multi-skilled in a range of duties.

Our employees also possess great customer service skills and maintain a professional conduct and presentable appearance at all times.

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