Transport Property Management

Fallow Management has a vast array of experience in the transport sector, with property management and transport cleaning services available for all common areas for transport companies, as well as for the vehicles themselves.

Your challenge

With busy timetables throughout the day and night, transport companies experience frequent peaks and troughs with the flow of commuters, which often doesn’t leave a lot of time for cleaning. We understand the pressures to get the vehicles and areas looking clean, clear and tidy within short bursts, to ensure they are constantly maintained to a high standard.

Our Solution

Our team of experts are trained to work quickly, without compromising quality. We provide a range of fast, efficient services that are reliable and consistent and this approach has led to a high retention rate of customers.

Common areas that we look after within the transport sector include train stations, bus stations, waiting rooms, platforms and bathrooms. Vehicles themselves generally include trains, buses, vans and HGVs, although we are able to provide services for most transport types.

We can also provide cleaning services for fleets of vehicles such as delivery vans, post offices and chauffeur companies.

Get in touch

If you are a transport company looking for a professional cleaning company or transport property management, please give us a call for a bespoke quote.