Retail Property Management
& Shopping Centre Cleaning

If you require retail property management or shopping centre cleaning services, we can help.
We have expertise in cleaning large scale shopping malls and retail parks as well as individual shops and outlets.

The challenge

Given the volume of people at shopping centres and retail parks, cleaning is often required more frequently than other premises. This is particularly important for bathrooms, which quickly become untidy and unclean.

Our Experience

With over 20 years working with over 25 different shopping centres, our specialist knowledge is extensive. We understand that the cleaning of high profile sites requires high levels of attention to detail and that working with the general public requires specific skills and training.

We understand your need to adhere to health and safety regulations and keep areas clean and tidy to avoid risk to the general public and to maintain the image of the establishment. That’s why our staff are carefully selected and expertly trained to carry out their duties efficiently, demonstrating excellent customer service.

If you’re a Facilities Manager looking for a shopping centre cleaning service or retail property management service, get in touch.